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Knowing what network you need to meet the performance needs required to be the greatest is one thing. SourceConnect Telecom Expense Management ensures your network is optimized for cost, and that you are always getting what you pay for is another – that is what SourceConnect has been managing for finance customers for over 8 years. See how well you are shaping up today with our QuickStart Audit.

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Incredible Benefits: The Proof Is At Your Fingertips

SourceConnect is loaded with benefits for enterprises and network operators – if they can manage their network expenses using SourceConnect, so can you!

Insight at your fingertips

All you need, to manage your telecom expenses

Your complete SourceConnect Telecom Expense Management (TEM) software to keep you on top of your global network expenses, inventory, forecasting, procurement life cycle and unclaimed SLA credits. So never disconnect the wrong circuit, fail to hit a deadline or get caught over-paying again.


Police your SLAs

Never worry about unclaimed SLA credits

Your team depends on network performance to deliver on customer commitments, so someone sweated the details in negotiating Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) to keep operations at peak performance. When hooked into your NOC, SourceConnect Telecom Expense Management calculates SLA credits in real-time, so you always know you are paying what you should, and the network is delivering what was promised.


Your Data. Your Servers. Your Security

Enterprise software installed on your secure infrastructure

Your IT and compliance teams have full control over the environment in which SourceConnect lives. OK, it’s not trendy SaaS, but we were built by enterprise users in the finance & banking sector, solving our own problem. Having done that, we added telco-class scaling architecture. SourceConnect Telecom expense Management starts with a network audit so that your IT team gets to know us while we get on and carve chunks out of your network spend.


Match cost to revenue

Are you still paying for circuits that expired already?

As a Sales VP, how gut-wrenching is it watching new profit you contribute drain away needlessly due to costs not aligning with revenue in real-time? Ask for proof that dead wood is axed from OPEX by negotiating supply deals before contracts are up for renewal, and make sure you’re never paying for a circuit after your customer left you. Maybe they left you because your costs were driving your prices too high unnecessarily. Ouch!


M&A shock!

Make agility your advantage

M&A puts pressure on teams enduring repeated due diligence, and always generates a post merger hangover that everyone dreads. Make yourself valuable and pivotal by turning change-management into your vantage point. With SourceConnect, you will not only be responsive and relaxed while everyone else stresses, you’ll also make your company antifragile – the more change is thrown at you, the stronger you become!


Take your agility with you

Respond from any screen size

SourceConnect’s intuitive user experience is accessible from computers, mobiles and tablets. So when you are not at your desk right as your boss demands the current spend for a supplier negotiation, you have it at your fingertips wherever you are – remember to wipe the taco sauce off your fingers first though, we aren’t responsible for your phone too!


Here Are Just Some Of The Many Features!

  • QuickStart to save money fast!

  • Role Based Access for teams

  • Training for teams!

  • Network Procurement life-cycle

  • Tracking approvals & sign-offs

  • Seeing agreed terms per circuit

  • Vendor ID and escalation path

  • Contracts expiration scheduler

  • Invoice Validation for AR

  • Circuit matching for customers

  • Inventory per route

  • Total Telecom Spend overview

  • Regional market pricing by vendor

  • Alerts for SLA credits

  • Vendor performance analysis

  • Outage & performance trends

  • RfP data store & comparison

  • ID & remove unused circuits

  • Cross connect & tail management

  • Demarc info; rack & port IDs

  • IDs for carrier, customer & internal

  • Reporting & Business Intelligence

  • Filter by geo, customer, vendor, product

  • Network expense planning

  • Parent & child circuit reports